Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting over the hurdles

Troubadour’s repairs are almost completed. It’s been over a week since Irene blasted through Pelican Roost Marina here in Puerto Rico. Right now, as I write this, Chris is playing guitar and singing, “City of New Orleans”. He is taking a much needed break.

Damage to the bookshelf
The “Irene” damaged cabinet, which had the screws ripped out of the wall when we slammed into the dock, required re-gluing of the plywood, as well as a little teak veneer to repair

Setting up the salon as a "workshop"
 to make repairs to the bookshelf

In order to do this small repair, we had to remove the bookshelf, bead board and back board. All three were placed in the center of the boat creating a thigh high hurdle to step over each time we wanted to sit in the salon.

The salon with the bead board and shelving removed
to reveal the fiberglass hull so we could find leaks

After the fiberglass hull was exposed we discovered leaks coming from the toe rail and stanchion base from work done in the boat yard in 2008.

The salon before books are added to the shelves

As I said earlier, a week after Irene our small repairs are nearly finished. The salon is back to normal – no more climbing over the boards; we rebedded the toe rail with new screws, tested our repairs and found no more leaks, and the new chocks are on the way from Beneteau in France. While the bimini was secured and other canvas was removed for the storm, I took the time to do some canvas repairs.

It all could have been so much worse. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are still putting their lives back together. 
Breathe in, breathe out. Move on.   

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