Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Life

We said, "Why not?" 

"The literal voyage, with its pulling up of roots, is accompanied by the figurative voyage and the pulling apart of the self. Both teach you what defines you and fulfills you. If you are ready to face yourself as you are, then you will find this spiritual growth, to be vastly satisfying and energizing."
 Beth A. Leonard, "Is this the Life for You?" from The Voyager's Handbook

As of today, we have been living aboard Troubadour three years. Our journey has been filled with life lessons. Some have been tests, even ordeals, that have surprised us by strengthening us to our very core.  Others have been magical sights, sounds, and feelings that have inspired us: compassion, beauty, laughter, new bonds of friendship, the moon, the stars, the setting sun, the rain, dolphin, sea turtles, and even tears. The abundance of these gifts and many more, not only fill our souls, but they serve to encourage us to continue along this path.

"... I fish and I play my guitar
I laugh at the bar with my friends
I go home to my wife
I pray every night
I can do it all over again"
From "The Life" by Kenny Chesney



  1. Congrats on what sounds like 3 fantastic years! We can't wait to do the same soon!

  2. @Mid-Life Cruising!
    Thank you Cheryl! We look forward to seeing you out here! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Fairwinds, Linda and Chris


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