Thursday, May 24, 2012

A short stay in Dominica

Troubadour arrives in Portsmouth, Dominica.We were really looking forward to this part of our journey. We had heard so many interesting stories about this island's people and natural beauty.
As soon as we arrived we heard from our friends on Blue Pelican and Spirt that the anchorage was rolly - boats rocking sideways to the swells making it very uncomfortable for sleeping and being on the boat.
To put it another way, you have to HOLD ON to your DRINKS!

The harbor town of Portsmouth, Dominica second largest city, is located on the northwestern coast of Dominica near Prince Rupert Bay. Portsmouth, Dominica, is a town known for its commerce, business and nightlife.

We created our own nightlife with Bobby (left) from Spirit ...

and Stephen & Jody Blue Pelican (flankiing Bobby). 
Much merriment was had with music, rum and tequilla ...

while enjoying a spectacular sunset.
But even the anchor bridle didn't help and the next morning we left for Martinique.
Troubadour stayed one night in Dominica,
never leaving the boat, May 4, 2012.
We plan to come back next year and explore this beautiful island.

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