Monday, July 2, 2012

Have you checked your hoses?

RIP after 26 years of faithful service...

One item that came up as we were en route to St Lucia was a slight smell of propane gas. Upon investigation, the hose leading from the tank to the shutoff solenoid had started to crack, leaking propane. The propane locker on a properly designed vessel will have a drain hose leading overboard, as our does, which is why we lost most of a tank of propane before discovering the leak. Upon removing the hose for replacement, I noticed writing on the underside. My French was a little rusty, so I wasn’t sure whether this hose was supposed to be replaced before or after 1990, but I was pretty sure the maintenance was just a little overdue (the oracle reminded me that avant=before).

Of course, the spare hose available, including what I bought in Puerto Rico, is 8mm instead of 6mm, so I had to make this repair by cutting crimped fittings off a (much more expensive) hose for the gas grill. I managed to find some of the right size on eBay that will return with Linda for next time.

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