Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wedding and Honeymoon

The beginning of May found us among relatives and good friends at Satori, my sister Lindy’s house nestled behind extensive landscaping in Wellington. We had planned our wedding in the USA to allow more people to travel and attend, and were rewarded with a great group from all facets of our lives: childhood friends, sailing friends, college friends, Navy friends.

No Rehearsal, so it's time for Happy Hour!
The Ceremony
Butterfly Release
Cruiser reunion!
As my Navy buddies already know, you’re not married until the Navy says you’re married. As there was a center right in West Palm Beach, I wasn’t too worried until I finally got an answer to my phone calls and found out their first available appointment wasn’t for another month. Luckily, there was an Air National Guard center near where we were honeymooning in Fontana, NC that had appointments available that week. This also gave us the opportunity to drive “The Dragon”, the pass through the Appalachians famous for its twists and turns. With Linda’s new dependent ID card in hand, we made the return trip among the motorcycle and sportscar groups enjoying the early summer, and spent the rest of the week relaxing, hiking, and taking a lake tour.

Deal's Gap, NC: the start of the Dragon

With the festivities concluded, Chris returned to Troubadour for a few days of maintenance before teaching more sailing classes in June and July, and Linda returned to WI to spend more time with family and teach yoga there.

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