Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Vagabond Life

El Yunque Rain Forest
Welcome to the new blog of Troubadour, we are glad you're here. If you've been following us on Sailblogs, we are delighted that you'll be continuing the journey with us to destinations in the southern Caribbean. We hope you like the new face of Troubador. Since I like taking a lot of pictures I am hoping the features of Blogger will give me greater flexibility in posting pictures. Chris wants it to be easy to use for posting quick updates.

We are currently docked at Roosevelt Roads Naval Base/ Pelican Roost Marina which was the largest (in land mass) US Naval base. It has been closed for about six years, and is now in the process of being sold to the Puerto Rican government. Plans are underway to divide the land for commerical, retail and resort development. We're not sure how much longer we will stay. 

Troubadour in her slip at Pelican Roost Marina,
Roosevelt Roads Naval Base, Ceiba, Puerto Rico

The price is right for now and as long as the weather remains stable, we will continue working on projects before moving on. As for the weather, we feel very secure in our slip and will do what is necessary when needed.

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  1. Looking good guys!! Love the new blog and the sidebar tidbits about music and yoga - super cool!! xoxox


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