Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sharing the bounty of our life

Putting Rose to work cleaning the salt off the dodger window
What our guests like to do most! 
Tim & Linda at the Soggy Dollar Bar,
 Jost Vand Dyke
Well, blog readers, all six of you, we've been busy!  (Based on our Blogger stats only six people read our last blog... really?)

The weather has been lovely in the Virgin Islands, 80's and sunny every day, with the occasional spotty rain shower. When we moved aboard we hoped to someday share our way of life with family and friends and we've been lucky enough to do that in January and February.

We've had the opportunity to sail and enjoy the best of the British Virgin Islands with my cousin Rose and her husband, Steve, and then again a couple of weeks later with my cousin Tim and his wife, Linda.

We sailed, hiked, snorkeled and even dove for lobster in St. John with Chris's sister Lindy, and her husband, Rich; and we sailed and walked on the beach and toured the island of St. Thomas with my Mom and sister, Mary. I even got off the boat for two nights and shared a hotel room with them!

In a week, our friends Debbie & Dave will arrive on the Carnival Freedom in St. Thomas and we will meet with them. We hope to visit St. Croix before leaving for St. Martin, where we will meet up with our next guests aboard - Chris's college friend Ellen, and her husband, Les.

We plan to continue south to Grenada by June/July stopping at many of the lovely Caribbean islands along the way.
A trip to the Baths, a must see in Virgin Gorda

Snorkeling the Caves at Norman Island

Sunning & Sailing

A hike to Maho Bay Camps, St. John, USVI

Sailing and Sun, does it ever get boring? No!

Sisters in the Sun

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  1. I guess I am one of the six! I have followed your blog from the beginning, from here in landlocked Colorado. My all time favorite post is this one: I printed it and hung it on my fridge as a reminder of that life I hope to have someday. Thanks so much for sharing your life with complete strangers.

  2. @svcrazyivanThank you for that nice comment and for reading our blog! I re-read the blog -My Side of Life- from two years ago and I think it's time to -reply- to that blog! Thanks again! Linda

  3. I love reading your blog! The pictures are wonderful and I enjoy hearing about all your visitors! How lucky you and Chris are to have such a rockin' family and each other!!


    PS I might come for a vacation myself!!


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