Friday, March 9, 2012

Who's Blogging Now?

Linda & Tim Reuss at the Soggy Dollar Bar
 in Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

We invited my cousin Tim and his wife, Linda to write a blog about their vacation aboard Troubadour. Here goes:

Day 1
 January 26, 2012
Tim and Linda arrive in St. Thomas and meet Linda & Chris at Red Hook Marina.  The Reuss's quickly realize that they had been here before, several years previous on another adventure.  They get settled in the boat and we head out for a Mexican food, beers and margaritas!  Our first night together was going well!

Soggy Dollar Bar - Tim & Ring Toss,
we couldn't get him away from this game!

Day 2
January 27, 2012
After Chris readies the boat, we get "underway" for Jost Van Dyke.  Only about a 2 1/2 hour sail away.  Sounds so simple.  Linda Reuss, we will now refer to her as LR as to avoid confusion with the 2 Linda's. LR came prepared and was worried about seasickness issues. She put on her patch and thought all was well.  The seas didn't seem overly rough, but it was enough to make her throw up (several times), she immediately felt better and never suffered again.  Arrived at Great Harbour on Jost Van Dyke and quickly went ashore and walked a very hilly road up and over to White Bay were we swam, walked around and enjoyed the beautiful beach and a beer at the Soggy Dollar Bar. 

Cane Garden Bay filled with cruise ship beach goers.

Day 3
 January 28, 2012
Next we take a short sail over to Tortola where we pick up a mooring ball in Cane Garden Bay.  Don't miss it if you are nearby. Beautiful, colorful houses built into the hills, very Italian seaside like.   We grab a mooring ball and take the dinghy in to check out the beach and town.  Very beautiful bay and the beach is lined with restaurants and bars.  We walk around and decide to come back after all the cruise ship passengers are bused back to their ship.  Enjoy some snorkeling and decide to go back to the beach front bars for some nighttime entertainment.  We lucked out and found a great place; I think it was called Myett's, where they had live music.  A couple of beers later and Chris was at the mic singing a very good version of Brown Eyed Girl.

We can always howl at the moon,
but a Full Moon Party, would make it more fun!

Day 4
 January 29, 2012
Head out and moor over at Monkey Point on Guana Island.  A very quiet and pretty, little bay.  Enjoy a few hours of snorkeling and end our day at Trellis Bay on Tortola.  Not as picturesque as some of our last stops, but a calm place to spend the night.  We dinghy into the beach where we walk around and visit some of the shops and admire the set up for their monthly "howl at the moon" festivities.  It wasn’t a full moon, so the small beachfront area was pretty quiet.  It would have been fun to be there on a full moon and see what happens at their party!

Linda "squeezing through" the rocks at The Baths

Day 5
January 30, 2012
Start our day with a tour of "The Baths" at Virgin Gorda.  Do not miss this! Huge rock formations on the beach and in the water.  Follow the paths that lead you through, some involve swimming thru and squeezing thru, but all very worth the effort.  You wouldn’t think large rocks would be so beautiful; it must be the Caribbean water!  Great photo opportunities involved.  End our day with our last night on the boat and moor at Norman Island, but not before we snorkel "The Caves." Hey, "It's really dark in there" and LR didn’t like it very much and got out of there quick.  Had we known, a flashlight would have come in handy, but maybe still to creepy for her.  Awesome snorkeling, we saw some very cool Caribbean Reef squid.  Enjoyed dinner on the "Willie T".

Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI, viewed from sugar mill ruins
(Jost Van Dyke, BVI in the distance on left.) 

Day 6
 January 31, 2012
Leave Norman Island and moor at Caneel Bay on St. Johns where Tim and Linda will be leaving and spending a few days at The Westin.  Chris dinghy’s Tim and Linda to Cruz Bay where they clear customs; and we meet up later for a Jeep tour and beautiful views on St. Johns.

Linda and Chris were wonderful hosts and so easy to talk to and get along with.  They are both so accommodating and easy going, must be the "island life."  Hoping to catch up with them again and enjoy their wonderful hospitality!   Thanks again Linda and Chris for a fantastic adventure aboard...The Troubadour!

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