Friday, March 9, 2012

Thanks a Lotta!

"Yes it's a strange situation, wild occupation
     Livin' our life like a song"

We are preparing to leave the USVI and BVI for the next leg of our journey - the Leeward Islands. We've enjoyed over three months of cruising here with family and friends who explored these islands with us by foot and by fin, and spiced up our nights with games of backgammon and dominoes and sing alongs.

Thank YOU to Rose & Steve, Lindy & Rich, Linda & Tim, Mom & Mary, and Dave & Debbie for the laughter and fun, and for helping make OUR dreams come true by sharing in our adventure! Here's to YOU! Cheers!

Soper’s Hole, West End, Tortola
Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We took a short hop from Francis Bay to Soper’s Hole where we picked up a ball for the night. After Chris cleared us in for $15 (the cheapest clear-in fees compared to Jost Van Dyke where we paid $34 one time and $20 another!) We enjoyed nachos and beers at Pusser’s Landing for lunch, and being from Wisconsin I do miss ice cream so I asked if they had any. The waitress brought over a slide viewer that I remember looking through as a kid. I wasn’t sure what it was for. Would I view scenes of the beaches at the BVI’s, bikini clad tourists, boats for sale or what? No! I saw 3-D pictures of ice cream desserts!  Clever! However, we both agreed (me, reluctantly) that the damages would be enough without adding on the calories or the $$’s. After walking the docks, we headed back to our floating home to enjoy the sunset.

Dinghy Dock at Soper's Hole
Shopping at Soper's Hole
I love the pink building
A cruiser's lunch - nachos $12
What's for dessert?
How much for not having to do the
 dishes on board?
Ouch! But we feel good!

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Leverick Bay, North Sound, Virgin Gorda
Thursday, March 8, 2012

We arrived in Leverick Bay from Soper’s Hole after motoring into 18 – 20 kts of wind on the nose for four hours. It wasn’t a bad ride, but the bow dipped into the swells several times in the Sir Francis Drake Channel. When the bow came up it brought all the sea water with it back to the cockpit. Thank God for a dodger to keep us dry!

At Leverick Bay we caught the “Legendary Michael Beans Happy ARRRrrr!!!” show (Monday – Thursday 5-7 pm). Actually, that was our primary reason for leaving Soper’s Hole (and we needed to work our way east for our journey to St. Martin on Sunday, March 11.) We had a BLAST! Michael performs a one man pirate show, singing and encouraging audience participation. He is also raising money for a school in Ile A Vache, Haiti, (where we visited in May 2010). We got our drinks for Happy ARRRR, and sang and hooted and hollered like kids! Chris entered the conch blowing contest to win either a bottle of Mount Gay rum or a mini keg of Heineken. Guess what! He won! Knowing we couldn’t keep the keg cold, he opted for the rum! We even did a little swing dancing in the sand! Don’t miss this show if you come to Leverick Bay, it’s for the kid in all of us!

Mooring field at Leverick Bay

Chris enjoys the show at Happy ARRR!!!

Our kind of place, shoes optional!
Kids get into the act, too!
Chris wins the conch blowing contest - 20 seconds!
All those trumpet lessons paid off! He wins a bottle of Mount Gay!
Conch ya hear it?
Livin' our life like a song!

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  1. love this post. Safe travels and hollar as you head BACK to the USA in the future....Door is always open for you two! Sharon aboard Finally Fun


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