Sunday, April 29, 2012

A short stay in Nevis

Rose learns how to take the helm as we leave St. Kitts (and a cruise ship arrives).
A stop at White Horse Bay, St. Kitts, for lunch and a snorkel where we saw squid and an octopus. Nevis, our next destination, is in the distance.
Troubadour moored off of Pinney's Beach near the Four Seasons Resort, Nevis,West Indies.
After clearing in & out of Nevis, we took a 20 minute "self-guided" historical walking tour around Charlestown, the capital of Nevis. We couldn't find some of the places on the map.
Charlestown was the birthplace and childhood home of Alexander Hamilton. The restored stone building which was his place of birth now houses the Museum of Nevis History on the ground floor, and the Nevis Island Administration Assembly Room on the upper floor.
Church in Charlestown, Nevis
A very small house in Charlestown, Nevis
A stop for lunch on the waterfront
In case you were wondering ... read the sign!
Downtown Charlestown, Nevis
Small, laid-back Nevis is intensely green and mountainous, with a central peak standing 3,232 ft high that is almost always shrouded in clouds.
Linda and Rose sampling home brewed ginger beer (ale).
Rose looks forward to her hubby Steve's arrival in a few hours!
Next stop, Antigua! 
 Troubadour stayed two nights on a mooring ball in Pinney's Beach, Nevis, April 12 & 13, 2012
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  1. Nevis looks like yet another beautiful place! It's amazing how much beauty this planet has to offer. We just returned from our first trip to the Virgin Islands and were in awe of its beauty.


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