Friday, May 4, 2012

Cruising Antigua

Underway at 6:15 from Nevis through the narrows to Jolly Harbour
in light winds, 5-8kts and 4-ft rollers, under clear skies.
The islands of Redonda and Montserrat
(with its still active volcano) to our south.
As the cool morning melted into the hot afternoon sun, the seas became nearly flat and that's when dolphins came to play in our bow wake. What a great treat for Rose and Steve to stand at the bow and watch the dolphins watch them! Several other boats were making the same passage and we would later meet up with Bobby King on Spirit, and Lisa (who took the dolphin picture) and Tim on Caribbean Souls in Guadeloupe.
Eight hours later we arrived in choppy seas to the entrance to Jolly Harbour. After several attempts to hail the customs office as directed by our guide books, we learned from Jolly Harbour Marina that customs DID NOT have a VHF (no comment) which explained why they didn't answer our calls. We knew from reading Zero to Cruising's blog that we would have to go directly to the customs dock. After clearing in and a short walk around Jolly Harbour Marina we picked up a mooring ball and poured much needed sundowners! Rose surprised us with our favorite mixers of Crystal Light in two new flavors Margarita and Appletini! Chris mixed Troubadour's signature drink that we call a "Strummer"  - Strawberry Orange Banana Crystal Light and Mount Gay!
Steve and Rose Price
enjoying the sunset in Jolly Harbour
Jolly Harbour reminded us of Treasure Cay, Abacos with its calm anchorage and properties
along the sea walls. We were looking forward to many
beautiful sunsets during our planned circumnavigation
 of the island of 365 beaches.
After two nights in Jolly Harbour we headed north to Five Islands,
a large bay with several anchorages and five beaches. We would spend time
 at the beginning and end of our trip in this bay. The first time, the winds were up
 and the waters were not clear; we anchored near the northern beaches
and Chris and I swam to shore to walk on the beach.
We also took Rose and Steve to snorkel around Maiden Island
 but they couldn't see any thing due to the churned up water.
At the end of our trip in Antigua we anchored a second time in this bay and the winds were calm and the water very clear. On our second trip into this bay, we were able to anchor close to Hermitage Bay in 14 ft in sand and grass even though our chart plotter said we would be in 6-ft shoal water. In fact we watched Ellisa go right past us and anchor even closer to shore in 10 ft.The next day I snorkeled over and chatted with Sally & Eric on Ellisa  they had anchored here before and supported the chart plotter theory that it was "off".

 The Captain enjoys a strummer after anchoring
 in Hermitage Bay, Five Islands.
(Painting by local artist.) We heard from fellow cruisers that Jumby Bay would be a calm, protected anchorage and we headed there next. Jumby Bay hosts an "ultra-luxe" resort that is very private. Many of the beaches and resorts in Antigua are private. We anchored in 10' water snorkeled to shore and although we could walk on the beach (up to the high water line) we couldn't even buy a drink at the beach bar. This resort is two miles off the coast of Antigua and guests arrive by ferry. Therefore, ferry wakes kept us awake and kept our drinks in our hands at all times. 
Our next stop was Nonsuch Bay on the west coast.
 This bay is protected by a reef on the windward side and
has free moorings with sturdy chains. We picked up a
ball between Bird Island & Green Island.   
After settling in, we took a long dinghy ride to Harmony Hall. .
This pretty resort boasts luxury accommodations,
excellent views of the bay, and my favorite: a fine art gallery...

My photo of an original (43" x 63") painting
 by the artist Dina de Brozzi from her
2012 solo exhibition "Illusions".
Check out this incredible artist
and her work at  
Captain strolls the fine art gallery at Harmony Hall
While in Nonsuch Bay,
we waited out some brisk weather
 singing ...
and playing dominoes in the rain

Rainbow over Green Island
We also enjoyed a dinghy ride to Nonsuch
 Bay Resort, where we had lunch
 and a dip in the infinity pool! 
Next stop was Falmouth Harbour, where the
Antigua Classic Regatta
 was just ending, but not before we got to stroll
 the docks and check out some beauties ...
My favorite - since I have a special place in my
 heart for Springer Spaniels (I miss you Jordan & Jenny!)
I don't remember her name, but she sure is a beauty!
Rose & Steve at Harmony Hall
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Enjoying some drinks and great food at Nonsuch Bay Resort
Harmony Hall, Nonsuch Bay (Browns Bay), Antigua
Sunset over Five Islands
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Troubadour circumnavigated the island of Antigua, April 14 - April 26, 2012.


  1. So cool that you met Spirit and Caribbean Soul! They were part of the group we travelled with from the Bahamas to the Dominican Republic! We saw the dolphin photo on Lisa's blog! Looks like you are having fun. Wait for us .... we'll be down there next year!
    Pam and Glen
    sv Blue Pearl

  2. Those Crystal Light drinks with rum in them look great ... gonna try that! Enjoy Antigua!


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