Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pretty Guadeloupe

As we neared the end of our 2012 tour of the Leeward Islands, we sailed to Guadeloupe from Antigua, leaving early in the morning for an eight hour journey. We averaged 6.5 kts on a close reach, later when the wind backed we saw our boat zoom along at 7.5, even reaching a high of 8.3 kts. Along the way we saw whales breaching off the cost of Montserrat. Although I am smiling here, I really just want to get in the lee of the island where wind and waves will hopefully be calmer.
Troubadour arrives in Deshaies, Guadeloupe. Within hours of our arrival many more boats arrived for the Guadeloupe to Antigua race (the next morning) that kicked off Antigua Sailing Week. 
We walked past this shop and hiked up a hill to find the customs office only to be greeted by a sign that directed us back down the hill to this shop. I treated myself to some cute little gifts, while Chris cleared us in using the almost easy computer process in the French Islands (the location of letters on the keyboard is different - not QWERTY).
We walked through the town of Deshaies ...
to see cute homes ...
and pretty (litter-free) flower lined streets.
We packed water, snacks and first aid kit and hiked the Deshais river. We stepped, hopped and climbed for three hours uphill in a river bed along small and progressively larger boulders, some taller than us, to get to the base of the third water fall.
The third and last cascade measures only 66 ft in height, yet has the greatest water volume of any waterfall in Guadeloupe...but we only got to see a picture of it. Honestly, we got tired, and found some nearly hidden railroad tie steps and climbed out of the riverbed. Later we learned we didn't have much farther to go. Nonetheless, the beauty of the rainforest and the sounds of trickling water and chriping birds made the journey memorable.
The walk back from the river hike along a road had spectacular views of sailboats in the bay.
Deshaies Bay - Deshaies is located on the leeward northwest coast of Basse-Terre Island and is secluded in a bay, where two headlands stick out. Deshaies' coordinates are 16° 18 ' N & 61° 48 'W.
The mountain range is east while the Caribbean Sea is west. 
The dingy dock is near Chez Racine restaurant.
Once dedicated to the cultivation of coffee and of cotton, today Deshaies is a quaint fisherman’s village and the touristic center of the north of Basse Terre. Deshaies is well known for its beautiful beaches and diving. We plan to visit this beautiful island again and see more of the ports. The food and friendly nature of the islanders was a joy.
Troubadour visited Deshaies on the island of Guadeloupe, April 26 -May 2, 2012.
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  1. I love the photos, I miss these pretty sights! Your living the dream girly! Love ya and miss ya! xoxox


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