Sunday, October 13, 2013

Flowing with the Go

The Carenage, Grenada

Grand Anse Beach, Grenada 
Our life afloat during hurricane season in Grenada has been easy. With no weather related concerns - as in no hurricanes yet, and none in the forecast as the season winds to a close, we've been enjoying the flow of life as cruisers.

Friends have gone home and come back, we've enjoyed having family visit  and stay aboard, taken island tours, participated in music jam sessions; Chris has been winning at weekly poker games, I've been doing tarot card readings, we've hiked with friends to the beach, danced under the stars, gone scuba diving, joined the 6:30 am swimming club (once), played volleyball, and lazily float around on our swim noodles or on what my friends call The Blue Chair .  The daily dip is a necessity to beat the ungodly heat of living at 12° north latitude in the summer.

Me, my sister, Mary, and my sister-in-law, Louan floating around and enjoying some girl time.

We were planning to journey to Tobago (it's located about 80 miles southeast and upwind so we weren't going to sail) but a recent rash of unfortunate incidents against cruising sailors have caused us to re-think that trip and save it for next year, possibly. There have been several robberies just in the past month, including one attempt in which a cruising couple was viciously attached. Here's their story as posted on Attack on Cruisers in Union Island . Several other blogs we follow have written posts on this same subject. See "The Salty Life, Blogs We Follow" below.

Our next trip will be up island as we say, or simply north. We aren't sure how far we will go - possibly as far as St. Thomas. One thought is to be in St. Lucia for Christmas. We extended our visas and we have until November 10 to decide our float plan. Until then, it's time to work on a few boat projects including removing and rebedding the leaking skylight and several sewing/mending repairs on chafed areas of Sunbrella.

Fun fact: Mercury will be in retrograde October 21 - November 10.  According to the Farmer’s Almanac and many astrologers this can cause your plans to go awry, coincidences can be extraordinary and your intuition will be high (so pay attention to it). You should avoid making hasty decisions, don't sign any contracts until you've read them thoroughly, and give yourself plenty of time to get somewhere if you are traveling. Some people notice that their computers go haywire and their phones won't work; to be on the safe side you may want to back up all of your electronic devices. I've never really paid attention to this before, but now that we are planning to do some travelling we need our navigation instruments to be in good working order as well as our computers, so just to be safe, we'll be checking everything. 

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