Friday, December 13, 2013

On The Move…Slowly

We have finally broken away from our “windy season” routine of half-priced pizza night, 3-for-$10 happy hours, music jams, movie night, etc., filled up the boat with food, fuel, and water, scraped the soft growth and barnacles from the bottom and anchor chain and left Mt Hartman Bay.

Bye Secret Harbor, it's been a great season!

After an overnight stop at the St George's Anchorage, we beat along the leeward side of Grenada to Carriacou, motorsailing the last few hours to make Tyrrel Bay by mid-afternoon.

One last mojito at Esther's on Grand Anse before leaving the big island

Limin' at Sundowners in Tyrrel Bay
A “tighter gradient” and “enhanced trade winds” have made for some blustery weather generally known as the Christmas Winds, so we have had some boat days, reading and playing, in addition to exploring Tyrrel Bay and sampling the restaurants here. We have an island tour scheduled (2 hours vs. the full day for Grenada island tours) and are planning some scuba diving here while we wait for the winds and seas to subside a bit and move around the corner to the Grenadines.

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