Thursday, January 29, 2015

Living and Liming in Grenada

Living and Liming at Hog Island enjoying the music of Sabrina and the Navigators!

Admittedly we've been living and liming and just haven't kept up our blog like we used to when we began our cruising life. I hope to share what's going on in our lives with recommitting to a monthly post (I hope Chris reads this!).

"Women who Sail" liming at Hog Island for the
Sabrina and the Navigators concert.
In December Chris and I were reunited after being apart for ten weeks while he worked on Sagitta and I traveled to the United States to be with family during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Fall in Wisconsin

Fall in Grenada

Fall in Arkansas

While on my trip I enjoyed a two week cross-country road trip with Mom and Dad to surprise Mom's sister, Rosemary on her 80th birthday in Tucson, Arizona. It was very special to see my aunts and uncles and cousins all at one time in one place.

Tucson Botanical Gardens with Dad and Mom
We also visited Dad's sister, Donna and her family, in Arkansas, staying at her beautiful log cabin in Harrison. Dad and Mom also treated me to the Branson "experience". They take an annual trip to this tourist destination for music and theater lovers in the Ozark Mountains. We enjoyed shows by Daniel O'Donnell, Neal McCoy, the Red Neck Tenors, and more. The best part of this trip for me was seeing all the Christmas decorations and listening to the Christmas music during the concerts.

Chris's birthday hike with friends to Umbrella's beach bar
 includes a pit-stop for local brew.
Chris and I arrived in Grenada within minutes of each other on different airlines on December 13;  happy to be back in each others arms! We are happy that we have a dry boat and aside from a little mold here and there on Troubadour all was in working order.

The usual suspects at Monday afternoon poker games.
Our first boat project, though was to replace our fading 110v refrigeration system with 12v. The new system would use our solar panels for energy thus requiring less energy from the generator (which we ran for about two hours a day to keep the fridge and freezer temps down).
New chill plates for fridge and freezer.
I have really cold beers and ice again!
Chris worked with Stuart from Palm Tree Marine and once the old system was removed, we were up and running and the system has worked flawlessly! I can now treat myself to frozen waffles, even ice cream if I dare! Chris is happy because the beers are staying super cold!

Yogi's - Kathy, Nicky, Angelica and me.
I am back to leading yoga classes for cruisers, alternating days with Angelica (S/V Alma Mia); and Chris has organized some music jam sessions. We even had an agreement that if I came to a poker game he would come to a yoga class! I won the big pot once already as I have continued to go every Monday. Chris joined one yoga class, but he knows he can join us anytime!

My favorite captain!
This month brought a new opportunity for us to work together. Chris was asked to captain a 46' Leopard Catamaran for a private wedding on Petite St. Vincent. I was offered the opportunity to join him and get to know the boat because we will be chartering as cook and captain in February and March for Horizon Yacht Charters in Grenada. We had so much fun on this charter that we are both looking forward to doing it again!

Here are some highlights from January:

What happens at Sweetly, stays at Sweetly.
What do yogi's eat after yoga practice?
Lovely Grenadian beach scene.

Shoreline, Petite St. Vincent.

New  Frigo-boat system ready for installation.

Troubadour's cockpit during the refrigeration refit.

Atlantic Ocean view from aboard the
 46' Leopard Catamaran that we crewed for Horizon Yacht Charters in Grenada.

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