Thursday, September 17, 2015

Just another day in paradise

Happy hour on deck!

Paradise is a state of mind, right? Or is it a place?

Upon our return from a long (me) and a short (Chris) visit to the states, we're back to living and liming in Grenada. Liming of course comes with the trade-offs of boat chores and maintenance ("nothing's ever easy"), as well as the mundane bits of living like cleaning and laundry. All of this is tempered with the joys we find in sharing our passions - Chris, his love of music, and me, learning and teaching yoga and reading tarot cards.

September is well into the heart of the rainy season (we don't like to use the word "hurricane"). It's also one of the hottest months here and we welcome the (sometimes stiff) Atlantic breezes and a daily dip in our "pool" to keep us relatively cool.  

We're cherishing our moments together and feel blessed to live with our toes in the water!

 "... I play my guitar
 I laugh at the bar with my friends
 I go home to my wife
 I pray every night
 I can do it all over again

 Wouldn't that be the life?"
~ Kenney Chesney, The Life

Repairing the hatch covers after six years in the sun.

You guessed it! Boat maintenance in exotic the lazarette?

Our teeny tiny laundry room!

Chris on the uke at Secret Harbour's Tuesday night cruiser's jam session.

Linda disappeared for five weeks in St. Augustine
 to become a certified yoga teacher.

With yoga buddy, Kara Joy Stewart, dancing around. Natarajasana.

Linda and friend, Linda Locke on Vero beach at sunrise.
Three Linda's (Moore, May & Locke) enjoyed a few days at Locke's timeshare.

Our "pool".

At Lindy May's for a few weeks of land time in Florida.

We're blessed to have each other and to build a life together on land or sea.
Paradise is a state of mind.


  1. I think of you all the time Linda and how amazing you are for living the dream!!

    1. Thanks, Katrina! Nice to hear from you! If you are traveling to the islands, give us a heads up!

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