Saturday, February 24, 2018

Are you still living vicariously through us?

Beach day at Grand Anse Beach, Grenada
Sailing to Belize was not on our list of places to go, but Bonaire and Curacao were and we planned to sail to both islands during November and December. But the sea washed away the sand plan and we sailed to Belize! And Tortola! And Jamaica!

Our route: A beat from Marsh Harbour to Tortola, but then a lovely run to Belize.  The trip to Jamaica was like a washing machine in the passage between Haiti and Jamaica, but the trip from Jamaica to Belize was beautiful - sunny days and starry nights.

I said I would never do a boat delivery trip - but when Chris got the call for a delivery skipper and crew from Marsh Harbour, Abaco to Tortola BVI, it sounded pretty good especially because we would be sailing on a new Leopard Catamaran. Flying to Marsh Harbour from Grenada included a stop in Miami so we took the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with Lindy and Rich, and cousin Rose and Steve (because they just bought a house 20 minutes from  Lindy in West Palm Beach, FL.). While there Chris got a call to also deliver a new Moorings 38 from Tortola to Belize, so I agreed to be his crew again. (Better it be me than a manly man!) (On the trip to Belize we stopped for a night in Jamaica.) And that is why we didn't go to Bonaire and Curacao!

Touring the Mayan ruins in Belize.

Music and mahi, and lovely sunsets all the way to Belize. We arrived on Christmas Day and picked up a mooring in Hatchet Caye. (Yogi lavender tea helped calm my nerves during the early passage making!)

When we returned to Grenada, we still wanted to go sailing on our boat. After all she had a clean bottom from her time in the boat yard and clean bottoms are good for sailing! See our previous blog.

We slipped the mooring lines, loaded up on food, water and fuel and enjoyed sailing and vacationing in Bequia, Union Island and Carriacou.

Sugar Reef, Bequia
Captain and Linda

Scene from a walk in Bequia

Troubadour is at anchor in beautiful Bequia

Northwest side of Union Island

Roti and cold fresh (FRESH!) coconut water lunch.

Chatham Bay, Union Island

Troubadour is at anchor in Chatham Bay (one of our favorite anchorages in the Grenadines).

Sandy Island, Carriacou in the foreground; Union Island in shadow in the background. (Photo from 2013)

We are back on our mooring in Mt. Hartman Bay, Grenada. Chris is beginning his charter work and I am teaching yoga and will begin sewing projects. Of course, beach days are in my future, too. In April, we are looking forward to my sister Mary and sister-in-law, Louan coming for a visit. 

Allamanda Beach Resort on Grand Anse Beach.

Hey, I also want to give a plug to my nephew, Cody Moore. He's an aspiring hip-hop musician in Wheaton, Illinois. Here's a link to his most recent song FADEAWAY.

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