Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Preparations to leave Roosevelt Roads

The grass is getting a little shaggy at the marina...

As mentioned last week, things are drawing down quickly here.

The “Troop Store”, or Mini-Mart/Class 6 depending on what flavor base you were stationed, closed last Saturday and the operators (AAFES) are busy moving out all the inventory, displays, freezers, ice machines, and today, even the paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms. Some of the boats have moved on, and others are hanging on until the last minute (and, I suspect, beyond the last minute for some).

A number of the boaters were on hand this weekend, and we had a fun little get-together at the club, with Tim from Spirit Charters playing harmonica and me playing guitar. It’s always nice to have someone to jam with!

but not as wild as the old golf course!

We didn’t get to top off our diesel before they ran out, but have plenty to last us until we get to St. Thomas. We got a rental car for the final time yesterday and ran out for groceries and West Marine necessities. We’re doing a last load of laundry today and trying to complete any “to-do” list items that might require a lot of electricity.

The current plan is to head for Culebra on Friday, and spend some time there prior to continuing the journey. Keep an eye on the SPOT!

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