Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ahoy! Isla de Culebra

Goodbye, Rosie!

We said our "see you out there" goodbyes to our friends at Roosevelt Roads on Friday, Sept. 30,  at 10 am (well before the 6 pm deadline), and left the harbor in 8 to 10 knots of breeze.

The island of Vieques
A beatiful blue sky, a soft breeze, small swells, and the sound of trickling water on the hull as we moved along infused us with the peace and joy of sailing again. But the feeling was short-lived. There wasn't enough wind - 4kts - to get us to our destination in daylight! We toughed it out for an hour and then enlisted "Perkins" to motor sail the remaining distance toward Culebra.

Lana's Cove, Isla Luis Pena

We arrived at Lana's Cove on the small island, Cayo Luis Pena, at 2 pm. This arrival marked an anniversary of sorts for Chris, whose last visit to this island and the Spanish Virgin Islands was in 2001. We picked up a mooring ball and went for a refreshing snorkel, spotting three small sea turtles along the reef. The seas appeared to be getting a little choppy, and the wind was predicted to shift, so the captain suggested we continue on to Ensenada Honda in Culebra. 

Arriving in Ensenada Dakity, Culebra

An hour after we left Cayo Luis Pena, we picked up a mooring ball in 20 ft of water in Ensenada Dikity just south of Ensenada Honda. This is a reef protected area where the DNR has put in many mooring balls and it wasn't crowded so we had our choice.  We arrived in time to enjoy our Sundowners - a Sam Adams Light (for the captain) and a Blue Moon (for the admiral). The sunset, the moon, and the stars of the Milky Way were our gifts at the end of a beautiful day on the water.

Ensenada Honda, as viewed from the Dinghy Dock Restaurant, Culebra

Cheers y'all!

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