Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's here!

Chris and I arrived back in Grenada this week to an early Christmas present. Yes, you guessed it, our rudder was waiting for us at Spice Island Marine . Although it is still in the shipping crate, we are anxious to finish our painting and other projects, install the rudder and get in the water. We have a little more room to work now that one of the boats near us has splashed and the yard can spare more scaffolds for us. Our projects that were put on hold while we spent six weeks enjoying family and friends in the US, include sanding, priming and painting the  hull, repainting the water line, replacing our "Troubadour" logo with a new logo (more on that later), installing the rudder, and bottom painting (by the yard). We are also working with Technick to replace our dinghy davits/arch to support solar panels in the future. In addition, I am hoping to find some foam for our new settee area (recall our remodeling project this summer) and make cushions and covers. Suggestions on settee foam and fabric are welcome.

Our goal is to splash by Christmas. In the meantime, we are staying in our apartment at Dougie's Hi Haven which we recommend highly to anyone needing a place to stay for longer than a couple of weeks. And, we plan to make it to a few jam sessions at Whisper Cove Marina.


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