Tuesday, October 3, 2017

September was a Weird Month

Moments of hope, fear, joy, worry, getting through. September was a weird month because it was emotionally draining. Although we weren't in the path of the hurricanes many friends and friends of friends, and their boats were. And many lost their boats, some didn't. The islands we love and hope to return to were devastated. People are lacking basic supplies to survive and rebuild their lives. Forget all the ridiculous politics and posting on Facebook. The reality is people are in need, the destruction is real. Grenadians and those of us living here on our boats were among the many islanders who rallied to support our friends up north. The kind and selfless actions of others always win.

Although Hurricane Irma devastated islands to our north, we were not in its path. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who are recovering from the destruction. It lifted our spirits to be able to donate in what ways we could. But it somehow still didn't feel like enough.

Read about Dominica here.
This is what it looked like from our window when Hurricane Irma was passing well north of Grenada. It's a typical tropical day during the rainy season.
Meanwhile, when we weren't watching the weather reports Chris and I worked on various projects and preparations for our haul out at Spice Island Marine on Oct. 10. A shipment of new anchor chain arrived as well as fabric and supplies for other projects. There are boat maintenance projects planned as well as some big sewing projects. Here's a picture of a small sewing project.
I made this messenger bag for Chris from Sunbrella and sailcloth. Yes, some may call it a "man purse" but it's much easier to carry items in this than a worn out old back pack and it keeps everything dry.
This is our five-year-old dinghy cover. Amazingly with all it's patches and repairs, I still get compliments on it. But it's time for a new one. Stay tuned on the progress of this project.
 What do we do all day? Here's an example:
So, the sink got clogged and my attempts at baking soda and vinegar were not working. Chris being the clever engineer that he is, decided to try the hose from the manual hand pump we use to empty the dinghy of rain water. He took a big inhale and blew through the hose. It unclogged the drain. Go figure! He's my hero!
 Grenada really is beautiful during the rainy season.

A beautiful day in the anchorage.

Chris doing what he loves!

Until next time ...

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