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When we set out cruising we chose to do as much of our canvas and sail creations and repairs on our own. We bought a Sailrite LSZ-1 sewing machine and I have made many creations since 2008.

You can reach me at or Facebook - @SVTroubadour.  I am happy to help in whatever way I can. As Google has changed it's processes I no longer provide links in this public blog, but I will share privately.

Here, in no particular order, are my projects. 

 Linda's Sewing Projects & More

Also check out the "DIY" tab on this blog for more sewing articles and resources. 

Sewing a Stack Pack & How to get started in Sewing for your Boat
 2017 New Dinghy Chaps
Request is a link to making your own Dinghy Chaps. I used techniques from a variety of resources, including these instruction guides:
How to make dinghy chaps

(2015) Update on Troubadour's Full Cockpit Enclosure
Blog Post: "What we LOVE about our enclosure, what we DON'T and what Sailrite said!"

Foredeck Awning 

(2010) A foredeck awning designed to be supported by the spinnaker pole and long enough to prevent rain water from getting into the master sleeping berth.


(2010) A temporary replacement bimini because ours leaked. This fabric also leaked (beware of buying older fabrics). We put two coats of Thompson's WaterSeal on it and it hasn't leaked since.

Phifertex Screens

(2009) Screens fiter the sun and add shade. They clean up easily with soap and water. They even cut down on cool breezes.

 Hatch Covers

(2009) Hatch covers add life to the plexiglass protecting it from salt and sun, and add shade. This custom design works for Troubadour.


 Dodger Repair

(2009) This was a tough project because it involved removing the old "glass" and replacing it. But it was worth every hour spent.


Sail Pack (Stackpack, Mackpack)

(2009) This was my first project. We are very happy with the results. The pack was made in March 2009 and is holding up great.

Custom Mattress

(2009) After much research, in 2009 I designed our mattress layering 6" medium density foam, with 3" memory foam. It is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. 


ShadeTree Awning

(2009) Research to make my own proved that it would be more prudent to purchase the awning. We absolutely LOVE it. The benefits are felt immediately! Take it down if the wind gusts are predicted to go above 25, otherwise, enjoy your shade!


Winch Covers, Curtains, Lee Cloth, Small Stuff

(2009) Small projects, like winch covers protect your hardware, or make life more comfortable in a variety of ways. Customize projects to how you use your boat.

Dinghy Chaps

(2011) Troubadour's Dinghy Chaps project. I have many pictures of dinghy covers from other boats fill this online album.
For pdf Dinghy Chaps Sewing Guides send an email.
Here is my dinghy chaps project in pictures:
Troubadour Dinghy Chaps

Denali's ''Thong" & Sail Repair

(2009) Christmas 2009 I was asked to repair a sail and to make a connector piece between the bimini and dodger of Denali a Hunter. When you look at the finished connector, you will know why we call it the "thong"!

Settee Cushions

(2013) In 2013, I had foam cut for our new settee and made cushion covers. I chose a theme: "Colors of the Caribbean". I didn't want to go with the usual white, tan or navy interior cushions. Take a look and let me know what you think. Here is the link to Troubadour's New Settee Cushions . I used guides from Sailrite for this project. You can find them at Sailrite or at this link: Boat Cushions

Full Cockpit Enclosure

(2013) While on the hard in Grenada (and while afloat) I made a full cockpit enclosure. Email me to see photos and details of the project's combined dodger & lace-on bimini, zip on screens and windows.
 Sewing: Cockpit Enclosure
Sewing - Cockpit Enclosure - Screens
Sewing: Cockpit Enclosure - The Windows

 You can reach me at or Facebook - @SVTroubadour. 

This page updated on April 10, 2022.

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