Friday, March 14, 2014

Knee deep in the water somewhere

Underway to Tobago Cays
I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand ... Life is good today
Chris and I are enjoying the sights and sounds of the island of Bequia (say it like Beck-way). To see where this is and where we've anchored click on Chris's beer on the sidebar. This season we opted to stay in the Grenadines because Chris has an opportunity to build up our cruising kitty by teaching newbies how to sail. When he had a break we took some time to visit some of the Grenadine islands.
Beachside, Petite Martinique

Knee deep in the water somewhere
Got the blue sky breeze blowing wind through my hair
Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair
Sunrise there's a fire in the sky
Never been so happy
Never felt so high
And I think I might have found me my own kind of paradise

We've dropped hour hook in Chatham Bay on Union Island, Petite St. Vincent, Petite Martinique, Mayreau, the Tobago Cays and I've toured St. Vincent (by ferry).
Petite St. Vincent
Wrote a note said be back in a minute
Bought a boat and I sailed off in it
Don't think anybody gonna miss me anyway
The Christmas winds in December and January brought northerly swells that sometimes made Admiralty Bay a bit rolly. But with the arrival of February and March we have been enjoying some absolutely gorgeous weather. Temperatures have been in the mid to high 70's, the winds have been averaging 14 - 18 knots, and most days the bay is calm. We can easily swim to shore for a walk on the beach or snorkel to the reef near Lower Bay.
Hope Beach, Atlantic side, Bequia

Black sand beach, Atlantic side, St. Vincent
Come on in the water it's nice
Find yourself a little slice
Grab a backpack of life
You never know until you try
When you lose yourself
You find the key to paradise
It's hard to believe we moved away from Wisconsin to live on Troubadour over five years ago. Our lives have been blessed with many new friends and experiences.
Fishing boats, Paget Farm, Bequia
Beautiful architecture on a hilly island, Paget Farm, Bequia
Friends aboard Troubadour, Hans & Hazel, Roberta & Mike, Steve & Eva  
Ma Peggy's Rock, Bequia (I've made this hike four times!)
Local fare, chicken and chips
St. Vincent in background as viewed from Ma Peggy's Rock, Bequia

Mind on a permanent vacation
The ocean is my only medication
Wishing my condition ain't ever gonna go away
Flower from the Cannon Ball Tree - Couroupita guianensis - St.Vincent Botanical Gardens
 (These gardens are a must see if you go there!)
Sunset over Union Island as viewed from Saline Bay, Mayreau

From a hike on Petite Martinique
This champagne shore washing over me
It's a sweet sweet life living by the salty sea
One day you could be as lost as me
Change you're geography
Maybe you might be
Knee deep in the water somewhere

Our companion way is always open for your visit to the islands! Just let us know when you'd like to come and we'll let you know how to find us!


(I'm not the poet, the song lyrics are from "Toes" and "Knee Deep" by Zac Brown Band)


  1. We are liveaboards and have been sailing for the last 4 years but we are in the Med. We hope to cross over one days soon and the pictures and weather where you are look amazing. I just think how lucky we are to be able to lead this life.


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